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Integration with Android operating system
  • DreamCatcher uses default alarm clock database and UI
Many other custom alarm clock implementation for Android tried to replace original application/database just to add some minor features like snooze time configuration.
DreamCacher does not copy existing functionality but uses it! There is no private alarm settings UI or database for that application. 

Code is published as an utility library:

  • We use a common Intent for all 'Night clock' applications
Any developer who created night-time clock or screensaver might easily advertise his application to be used by DreamCatcher or any other alarm-clock-related application.

Verbarius and Kaloer Clock, for example, both register itself as NightClock UI application - this is the only connection between them and DreamCatcher. But due to Android infrastructure, they work just like a single application!

  • We use a common Intent for all 'Wakeup Alarm' applications
Although custom applications may subscribe to alert
Some third-party custom applications might provide, for example, slideshow or recent news stream to make user's moring even better.