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2007: Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, faculty of Technical Cybernetics, chair of System analysis and management. Themes of my bachelor’s and master's thesis were “Development of the stock exchange market simulation system” and “Development of billing system for organizations of public catering”.

2008: Specialist’s degree at faculty of Economics and Management, chair of Information systems in economics – my second higher education.

2007: Team management course in South Carelia Polytechnic, Finland.

Work experience

Delta JS – Since January 2010

Delta JS offers software as well as engineering and consulting services in the field of rotating machinery. Being part of a small team in Zurich, I'm responsible for new development, maintenance and technical management of MADYN 2000This is a highly specialized software used by manufacturers to analyze the stability and safety of their rotor designs. The software is well known and widely used in industry.

It is programmed mostly in Matlab because of the scientific nature of the program and requirement to plot various types of charts.

DevExperts Since November 2007 till December 2009

During the work in DevExperts I was involved in projects for RTS, leading Russian stock exchange market. 

I have designed and implemented high-frequency market data broadcasting system. The system is in active use by international companies like Bloomberg and Thomson ReutersI was also responsible for requirements gathering, writing technical specifications and participated in meetings with customers and end-users. Another part of the system provides electronic communications gateway to customers, accepting trade orders and reporting occurring deals in real-time.

This project allowed RTS to significantly increase its customer base with foreign financial institutions, providing access to the market using industry-standard protocols FIX (Financial Information Exchange) and FAST, opposed to custom proprietary protocol of RTS.

Motorola Since 2004 till November 2006

I started working for Motorola CMMI-5-accredited branch in St. Petersburg as intern in Java applications for mobile phones. Our team is developing branded services for Motorola phones, mostly Home Screen modifications, known as Orange Home Screen and Vodafone Live! CAST.

I won three “Bravo!” awards and was highly rated at annual interview by results of 2005.

Since April 2006 I was developing a new software product from scratch. In the context of Advanced Technology Group I participated in requirements gathering, project planning and reporting to the customer. First versions of the application got high ratings from the customer.

CyberLeader Since 1998 

As a self-motivated project I have developed an Internet café billing system. My application is actively used worldwide; there are more than 800 paid installations in over 35 countries, including country-wide order of Jamaica Government. I’ve created several customized versions on customers’ requests, including integration with proprietary and accounting systems.

Accessible smartphones and computers led Internet cafe business to a strong decline, making this software obsolete.

Technical skills

Common Software development practices

During my work for Motorola I had several corporate trainings on their advanced development process. Currently I try to use agile development strategies in my everyday work. I have a rich experience in designing databases and working with transactional SQL and object-oriented (EJB3) databases.


I have advanced knowledge of the latest Java technologies, certified by Sun Microsystems. I’m aware of common maintainability, scalability and security issues alongside with usual design flaws. I’m able to recognize and implement common design patterns, have experience with many widely used frameworks and libraries and able to learn quickly. 

Active use of advantages of InelliJ IDEA (hotkeys, refactoring, code generation) and other code-inspection tools allow me to create secure software in fast pace. 

My current favorite programming language is Koltin - a modern alternative to Java and Scala languages.

Android Smartphones

I really enjoy developing applications for Android smartphones. My hobby application, Smart Alarm Clock that tracks sleep cycles was voted to be among top 20 applications (Lifestyle category) in final of Google's worldwide Android Developer Challenge.

Another successful application, Protector, allows users to set password protection for particular third-party and systems application like GMail or Messages. It was the only application of its kind until competitors have reverse-engineered my know-how.

Both applications use many features of Android's contemporary OS and allow extensions via custom open API

Web applications

My favorite area of work is multi-tier distributed software systems. I was working much with both action-oriented and component-oriented Web-frameworks, including JBoss Seam J2EE framework, Struts 2 MVC-framework, GWT, Sencha and D3JS JavaScript frameworks. I know HTML, CSS and SVG as well.

Other programming languages

Alongside with experience gaining it’s my aim to improve theoretical knowledge in various fields including functional programming languages like Scala and meta-programming systems like MPS.

I enjoyed developing Perl scripts: http crawlers, source-code preprocessors and generators. Experience with Linux server enviroment gave me lots of useful utilities like sed or grep for solving everyday tasks.

Engineering applications

I took semi-annual courses in LabView and AutoCAD. I use R and STATISTICA in my academic researches and Matlab in my daily work. My current job also requires deep understanding of mechanical engineering.

Personal information

I was born in 1984 in St. Petersburg, Russia and now live in Switzerland. I speak English fluently and have no problems reading or writing technical documentation.

Solving complex problems with elegant solutions makes me feel really happy; at the same time I have nothing against doing ‘dirty work’ like bug-fixing or writing documentation.

I try hard to automate all the routine work and like to study and able to teach.

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